Have you been involved in an unprovoked attack?

Being involved in an unprovoked attack can be very distressing for victims. These innocent people don’t realise that they can claim compensation for their injury, even where their attacker is unknown. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government funded organisation that was set up solely to compensate blameless victims of violent crimes. If

Compensation received after slip incident

One of our clients has received the sum of £3,300.00 after an accident in a national supermarket chain store.  As she made her way around the plants and flowers stand, she slipped on water that had spilled out onto the floor and soaked the matting in this area. As a result sustained injury. When in

Another Successful Outcome for our Dispute Resolution Team

It is common, outside of the divorce courts, that the most acrimonious disputes are between shareholders.  Limited companies can bring together relative strangers and/or family members, and while often these relationships are long and happy, sometimes they are disrupted by quarrels, disloyalty, and ultimately, separation. In some cases, disputes can be settled through sensible engagement

Parties be Warned: Disobey Court Orders at your Peril

A person’s home is their castle and one which will be defended fearlessly. It therefore tends to follow that a homeowner will pretty much do anything to protect their home, and their rights to use and enjoy it, no matter what the cost. Head of Dispute Resolution Glyn Staves, a Senior Partner and Deputy District

Landlords, Tenants and the Coronavirus Act 2020

Section 82 of the Coronavirus Act passed on 25th March 2020 states that businesses cannot be thrown out of their premises for not paying their rent and in the vast majority of commercial lease “rent” includes service charges and contributions to a landlord’s insurance premiums. Whilst this protection is currently afforded up until 30th June

Coronavirus update: Moving home allowed as curbs lift in England

The secretary of State makes following regulations in exercise of powers of Public Health control of Disease Act 1984 “To undertake any of the following activities in connection with purchase sale letting or rent of residential property”. For more information click here It is confirmed that from Wednesday, estate agents can open, viewings can be

Tracy Rodgers appointed Trustee to The Barnsley Civic

We are pleased to announce that Tracy Rodgers, a Solicitor in our Personal Injury Department, has been appointed as a Trustee to The Civic in Barnsley.  The Civic is an arts centre at the heart of Barnsley showcasing a varied programme of theatre, music, dance, comedy and exhibitions. Tracy commented “I am so happy to