Guide to selling your home

  • Once you have confirmed you wish us to represent you we will open a file and send
    out initial papers to you. We will need you to accept our Terms of Business and let us
    have evidence of your ID. We will also ask you to complete a Property Information
    and Fittings and Contents Form which form part of the Contract pack. These forms
    provide general information about your property and will be provided to the buyer’s
    solicitors. You may need to supply papers to accompany this such as guarantees,
    planning permission, building regulations approval etc so you might want to start
    getting these together.
  • We will then obtain copies of your title deeds from the Land Registry. Sometimes
    your title may refer to other documents we need to obtain. If this is the case these will
    cost an extra £3 per document. We will then prepare the Contract between you and
    your buyer based on the title information received from the Land Registry and submit
    this to the buyer’s solicitors along with copies of the title, the forms provided by you
    and any other relevant supporting documentation.
  •  We will then post you the Contract and Transfer Deed for your signature which we
    will then hold on file until such time as your Buyer is ready to proceed. We send this
    to you at the outset so we are ready to exchange just as soon as the Buyer is and
    delays are not then caused. Please do not worry about signing so early, it doesn’t
    commit you to the sale which comes later when we ask for your authority to exchange
  •  It is then for the Buyers Solicitors to raise any enquiries as a result of the title papers
    and their search results. We will deal with these but we may need to ask for your
    assistance in answering these enquiries in order to provide satisfactory responses.
  •  Once all enquiries are dealt with, any mortgage offer is in place for your Buyer and
    search results have been received by the Buyers Solicitors then completion dates
    would be discussed. This is either via ourselves, your estate agent or between yourself
    and the Buyer directly. Once this is agreed and the Buyers Solicitors are ready to
    exchange contracts we would speak with you and obtain your authority to exchange
    contracts. Once that happens the sale is legally binding upon both parties and the
    completion date is fixed.
  •  We will request a redemption statement from your mortgage company (if applicable)
    made up to the date of completion and request an invoice from your estate agent (if
    applicable), we will let you have copies of both of these for your approval. We will
    then prepare a statement showing the financial transactions and any balance due from
    or to you
  •  On completion, once the monies have been received from the buyer’s solicitors we
    will notify you and authorise the estate agents to release the keys. We will also
    arrange to redeem your mortgage and discharge our fees and those of the estate agents
    and account to you with any balance due.