Guide to buying your home

  • Once you have confirmed you wish us to represent you we will open a file and send
    out initial papers to you. We will need you to accept our Terms of Business, let us
    have evidence of your ID, a payment on account and evidence of your funding. Once
    we have all of these to hand we will request a contract pack from the Sellers
  •  Upon receipt of the Contract pack from the seller’s solicitors we will raise enquiries
    with the solicitors based on the information provided. We will also let you have a
    report on our findings on the property to date and let you have the Contract and other
    supporting papers for your signature. Please do not worry about signing so early, it
    doesn’t commit you to the purchase which comes later when we ask for your authority
    to exchange contracts.
  • We will also submit searches to the local authority and other relevant bodies which
    would reveal any matters affecting the property. Once the search results are with us
    we will let you have a further report detailing our findings, advice and any further
    steps which are needed.
  •  In the meantime you will make your mortgage application (if applicable). Once we
    receive the mortgage offer we will advise you of any special conditions which affect
    the offer and any further steps you may need to take. At this time we will also let you
    have the Mortgage Deed for you to sign in readiness.
  •  Once the Sellers Solicitors reply to our enquiries satisfactorily we will prepare our
    final report to you detailing our findings together with any final documentation for
    you to sign. If you would prefer to call in to discuss the documentation an
    appointment may be arranged with the person handling your case.
  •  At this stage we will prepare a completion statement showing all financial aspects of
    the transaction and request a deposit from you to enable us to exchange Contracts At
    this stage we may need further or updated supporting documentation in relation to
    your deposit monies.
  •  You are now in a position to discuss completion dates which is either via ourselves,
    your estate agent or between yourself and the Seller directly. Once this is agreed and
    the Sellers Solicitors are ready to exchange contracts we would speak with you and
    obtain your authority to exchange contracts. Once that happens the transaction is
    legally binding upon both parties and the completion date is fixed.
  • We will then request the monies to be received from your mortgage lender in time for
    completion, this is usually the working day before completion to avoid any issues and
    ensure we are ready to complete for you as early on the day of completion as possible.
    We will also carry out the final pre completion HMLR searches.
  •  On completion, we will transfer the purchase monies to your seller’s solicitors and let
    you know once we are informed they have received them. Once that has happened
    the property is legally yours and you will be able to collect your keys from either the
    estate agent or the seller directly, depending upon the arrangements you have made.
  •  We will then carry out the notification to HMRC of your purchase and pay any stamp
    duty due. We will also settle our own fees and arrange to register you as the new
    owner of the property at the Land Registry. If the property is Leasehold we will also
    advise your new Landlord of your purchase and deal with any other post completion
    formalities they may have. Finally, we will let you have a copy of the title to your
    new home once HM Land Register have updated it and it shows you as the new
    registered owner.