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A Step Too Far

MKB Solicitors recently recovered £18,000.00 for a wedding guest who fell down a flight of stairs at the hotel where she was part of a wedding party. The wedding was taking place in a large country house, which also provided accommodation for those members of the wedding party who wanted to stay overnight.  During the

Clinical Negligence Compensation

A local man accepted a settlement of £40,000.00 following an unsuccessful hip replacement surgery that took place in 2016. Our client was unaware that there were any issues with how his hip surgery had been performed until September 2017 when his hip began making squeaking noises.  He noticed that he began to experience pain around

Road Traffic Accident Compensation

MKB Solicitors have recovered the sum of £17,500.00 for a local man who was a back seat passenger of a car that was involved in a road traffic accident. The car in which our client was a passenger was being driven by his friend.  The car moved over into a filter lane intending to turn

MKB Solicitors Supports Mental Health Charity

  Yasmin Ahmad and Caroline Ward of MKB’s Commercial Property team have recently provided pro bono advice to the award winning North East mental health charity Anxious Minds in the purchase of some designated woodland. Anxious Minds located an acre and a half of beautiful ancient woodland to turn into an outdoor therapy centre in

Nicola Brown and Rhiannon Murphy qualify as Solicitors

We are delighted to announce that Nicola Brown and Rhiannon Murphy have today qualified as Solicitors! Both Nicola and Rhiannon joined MKB in September 2017 as Paralegals after completing their Honours Law Degree at Sheffield Hallam University.  Nicola and Rhiannon then commenced their Training Contracts with us in September 2019 after successful completion of the

Chelsea Goulding qualifies as a Solicitor

We are pleased to announce that Chelsea Goulding, a member of our Private Client team, has now qualified as a Solicitor. After four years studying Law at the University of Central Lancashire, Chelsea joined MKB as a Trainee Solicitor in September 2018. As part of her 2 year training contract, Chelsea worked within our Family,

Have you been involved in an unprovoked attack?

Being involved in an unprovoked attack can be very distressing for victims. These innocent people don’t realise that they can claim compensation for their injury, even where their attacker is unknown. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government funded organisation that was set up solely to compensate blameless victims of violent crimes. If

Compensation received after slip incident

One of our clients has received the sum of £3,300.00 after an accident in a national supermarket chain store.  As she made her way around the plants and flowers stand, she slipped on water that had spilled out onto the floor and soaked the matting in this area. As a result sustained injury. When in