Employment Vacancy

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‘Green Shoots or Autumn Leaves? – an update

When considering what to write for this update I decided to look back upon some thoughts I had previously put to paper and in doing so recalled an article which I wrote in October 2014 entitled ‘Green Shoots or Autumn Leaves?’ (see the articles section on our website for the original publication). Basically, my article

Property Update – Barnsley – ‘Green Shoots or Autumn Leaves?’

For those of you out there who do not know me, an introduction:  I am a solicitor at MKB Solicitors LLP in Barnsley, specialising in commercial and domestic property and have been operating in the Barnsley area for the last three and half years or so.  Previous to that, I practised in the North East

The Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

It is important to consider what would happen in the future if you no longer had the mental capacity or physical ability to look after your own affairs.  Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney will provide you with the assurance that if the worst does happen your affairs can easily be looked after. It is

Is it time to change the law in fatal accident claims?

The recent tragic fire in London has again raised the issue of compensation available in fatal accident claims. In England and Wales, the law in this area is contained in the Fatal Accidents Act 1976, which allows for a bereavement award to be paid. However, those who can claim are limited to the spouse or

MKB funds renovations to Cooper Memorial Garden

The Cooper Memorial Garden is set to get a facelift thanks to a partnership between MKB Solicitors, Community Payback and Barnsley Council. The garden, next to St Mary’s Church, Church Street, Barnsley, is home to memorials to the Barnsley Pals and those who served in Normandy, the Barnsley National Reserve Club Memorial Cross, the Spanish

Queen’s Speech 2017 – lettings fees to be banned

The Queen’s Speech delivered on 21 June 2017 contained an announcement confirming the Government’s plans to introduce a new Tenants’ Fees Bill, which will essentially bring to an end the practice of tenants having to pay lettings fees to agents. Fees are currently paid for services such as obtaining credit checks, investigating immigration status and

The Future World of Work: Is it time to overhaul Employment status?

The gig economy, zero hour contracts, the scope of self-employment. Employment status, or more precisely, the varying degree of employment rights that are conveyed by employment status, has possibly never been as apparent in the public consciousness as now. For so long the exclusive plaything of contract lawyers grappling over the intricacies of mutuality of